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Hi all..
Long time no blog!

Yesterday I went to the Opening Night for the 2010 Top Designs Exhibition!

For those who don’t know what I am talking about..

What is Top Designs?!
Top Designs is an exhibition showcased at Melbourne Museum every year, displaying the works and developmental folios produced by VCE (it’s like the high school certificate) students in the subjects of Media, Design and Technology, Food and Technology, Systems Engineering, VCE VET Multimedia, and Visual Communication and Design.

It is on annually and is presented in partnership with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority as part of their VCE Season of Excellence program!

Adapted from: the Melbourne Museum website

So towards the end of last year, I entered my 2nd semester
Visual Communication & Design folio and surprisingly (very!) it got in! There was a special Opening Night on yesterday night for the exhibitionists, their parents, teachers & principal which was very exciting as we get a sneak peak of the exhibition before it is open to the public today! Also, it was the only time we were allowed to take photos!

This is my work on display! My folio was a greeting card set & advertising campaign for a valentine’s day range at a stationery boutique. The greeting card desgins actually have more to it than what you can see on the front cover. Most of them have a connecting picture in the inside or back of the card which tells a story! However you can’t really tell through the way they are displayed here. Eg. the card with the girl in the apron has a picture of a boy with a whole table of food inside.. (lame now that I think about it!) and The card with the boy and the missing puzzle piece has the girl on the back cover laughing because she has it :)

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You can vote for your favourite works in Top Designs in the Eckersley’s People’s Choice Awards. Eckersley’s is an Art and Craft company which supports Top Designs every year by providing the display pockets for everyone! Anyway, 1st Prize is $500, 2nd Prize $300 and 3rd Prize $150. You can vote via the touch screen system at the museum, or by emailing the details of your top three faves to Just title the email Ecklersley’s People’s Choice Awards, and send it before 13 June 2010.

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Clockwise from top left: A design for a tween furniture company, a burlesque costume, amazing swirly drawer unit & a colour chart! These are my faves :)
More photos of works can be found here

Top Designs is on 27 March – 27 June 2010 at the Melbourne Museum.

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What I wore on the night.. I know you can’t really see but!
Top: Dotti
Jacket, skirt & bag: Vintage
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: China