It’s about time I updated..! Uni has been so busy, despite having the mid-semester break last week I didn’t find any time at all to blog. Spent my whole week doing my assignments, studying for tests and working! Not to mention that I AM ONLY IN FIRST YEAR!

Anyway, today since my sister wanted to take some portraiture photo for her photography class of me, I decided it was also time for some blog updating.

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Stripe Jumper: Cotton on Body
Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Heart Pattern Tights: Ebay
Tan Boots: Vintage
Silk scarf: Vintage

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This is my favourite skirt right now!! I just loveloveloveloveloveLOVE the cut-out and floral embroidery at the bottom! And oh my gosh, did you know that mosquitos can sting through tights?! I have about 5 mozzie bites right now. When I bought my boots, they were marked a size 7 (I’m a 7.5), and they were very very small! (I was hoping they would run big) Anyways guess what? It is indeed possible to stretch shoes up half a size! They used to be extremely tight and it would hurt to walk but then I wore thick socks in them around the house and now they fit just like any other 7.5 shoes! lovelovelove the lace holes!

OH and the other day I was stalking this Sunny Girl cream cape on ebay and I was all ready to snipe it and bid in the last minute and then and then I FORGOT TO BID.
I cannot believe it. It only went for $26 and it was new!

Oh and I am also working on opening a shop online selling things I make in my (rare) spare time!

Also, I was flipping through and here are my fave outfits from Scott Schuman’s ‘The Sartorialist’ book! He is an amazing photographer!

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Let me explain why I love them so much! Here goes a very long paragraph of blabble:
Numbered 1-12, going left to right, top to bottom.
1. Beautiful neutrals and lovelovelove the flower on the top
2. Big fan of metrosexual style haha
3. I actually love the photography here more than anything! Any photo with an Eiffel Tower in the background is a winner for me! Also, I love over the knee socks :)
4. Big fan of capes!
5. I love this girl’s dress! It’s got a really nice mattern and I love how it’s so simple but beautiful
6. OH MY GOSH. This has got to be the most amazing-est jacket I have ever laid my eyes on. Apart from that stupid cape at Forever New I still haven’t gotten around buying, this is the best! I wish I knew where it was from!
7. The textures, patterns and colours here are so beautiful together! I love how although the palette is mainly just neutrals, the textures here really make everything stand out by itself
8. Big fan of red hair..!

Off to do my study for some tests next week!

PS I really need a haircut!