Two things about my mum.
1. She likes to sew
2. She likes to hoard her supplies

I bought some ankle socks a couple of months ago and wanted to add some lace around the cuffs. Before heading off to Spotlight to waste my minimum wage pay on some $8 per metre lace, I decided to ask my mum if she had any spare! Of course, she did. She was too busy to get it out for me but today…

Mum: “do you still want lace?”

And she hands me this:
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for my socks.

Do you know how much lace there is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
It’s from her sewing days! I’m not sure if this is ‘vintage’ lace or not, it’s certainly older than 20 years old, but probably only just qualifies for being vintage! All this lace now belongs to me and there is so much of it and I am so overwhelmed by the volume that I have no idea what I am going to do with it, let alone which one I am going to use to sew onto my socks!!

Here are a few close ups on some of my faves!
Embroidered umbrellas!! No idea how it would work on clothing yet but how delicate and pretty does it look!
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Thinking of perhaps incorporating these on the headbands I make!
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This is so pretty I want to frame it.
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For shirt & dress collars!
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My other favourites.. these are all odds and there are only 1-2 of each!
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Amazing beading detail, so intricate.
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I am definitely using these the next time I sew/alter/make something!!

Also, this was in the bags of lace but I’ve no idea what these pieces of material are..! They look like mini silk hankerchiefs.. but they are of course not hankerchiefs for no one would blow their nose on sequins!
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Does anyone have any an idea?

Anyways this morning I went to the market and bought a cream coat, black poncho & a hexagonal shaped black patent bag. The coat & poncho are hanging on the washing outside so I didn’t take photos, but here is the bag:

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I plan to give it a good wipe down & add a pretty vintage gold brooch on the flap! I’ve been searching for one for a trapezium/hexagonal polygon shaped black patent bag for ages and whilst this does not meet all the expectations of my perfect patent black bag.. it will do for now until I find another one! The surface of this bag is a bit scratched but it’s pretty nonetheless!
I was going to bring my camera to the market this morning actually but I forgot to pack it when I woke up.. oh well!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend & thankyou all for the lovely comments in my last post!