it is me again doing a double post at midnight Australian time.
I’m procrastinating sleep as I always do and I’m here to show you these awesome floral harem pants which I have altered from some vintage baggy pj like pants I bought from Savers some million years ago for 2 whole bucks. YEAH . I’ve been meaning to alter a lot of my vintage stash of awesome clothes but hey I get lazy. I absolutely hate unpacking the sewing machine from its plastic wrapping and cardboard box my mum stores it in and threading it takes ages! Anyway, last week I got bored of study and finally did it!


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Cream Beret: Dotti
Cream lace top: Cotton On
White quilted chain bag: Vintage
Floral harem pants: DIY
Tan wedges: Novo

I am somewhat scared to wear these pants in very public places as I know everyone is going to be staring at me weirdly. Especially since its almost Winter here so I suppose I’ll save them for Spring!

Anyway, I am going to admit now that my wardrobe has probably doubled in size ever since this year started. I BLAME UNI AND NO MORE SCHOOL UNIFORM. And I’m sorry to bore you all with countless outfit posts.. I’ll try to be more interesting and show you some other fashiony related things next time. What would you lovely readers want to see me post about!? :) Also, do I upload my photos too big? Cause I know for my computer screen which is somewhat outdated, I can’t see the whole portrait photos in full without scrolling.. if that makes sense.

PS I LOVE TINYPIC. It has basic editing functions which are very compatible for me and my slow as computer! Way better than waiting for Photoshop to unlag every two seconds when trying to resize a photo!
PPS I am not proofreading this. Going straight to sleep!