Hello awesomes :D Welcome to another outfit post.. with backpacks!

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I bought this one online via YesStyle. This was again purchased in an attempt to satisfy my craving for a large tan leather backpack. Of course, I still want that stupid tan backpack which I just can’t seem to get my hands on! Well I know there are quite a few on Ebay but I definately don’t want to pay anything over $50 for it (hey I’m a poor uni student with a minimum wage job! :P) I suppose I’ll just have to scour some market stalls!

Now here is some visuals for those who like pictures more than words (cue: me!)

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Maroon bow headband: Handmade by KANI
Dusty pink blouse/shirt: Vintage
Grey cardigan: China
Rings: China
Leather look shorts: China
Wine coloured tights: China
Black brogues: Target
Black backpack: YesStyle

As you can see, a lot of the stuff I am wearing is from my latest holiday overseas! Not really much a fan of the shorts – they are too big for me. The lady in the shop would not allow me to try anything on and she guestimated my size. I think these shorts are 1-2 sizes too big for me! I suppose I don’t really blame her since I was wearing 2 pairs of pants & like, 10 thermals! It was cold up there!!!

Also, I have been receiving quite a few emails regarding the headbands I wear in my posts. Yep! All the handmade ones were made by me and Yep! I will indeed be selling them! I once upon a time planned to start selling them early this year (Feb-March), however I don’t know what happened.. Suppose I just got lazy. Anyway, I am planning to get the store up and running early July – so look out for that! But no promises, I might end up having too much fun on holidays I forget to make enough to sell! Anyway, I’ll definitely let you lovely readers in on any updates along the way! :D :D I’m so happy to see interest :D :D



K is for KANI is having it’s first ever, giveaway! :D I’ve had a lovely owner of a lovely soon to be revealed store contact me to arrange this and it will be happening .. next update!! Keep checking here – all will be revealed soon.

If you wanna get ahead of everyone, one of the requirements of entering is to follow my blog via Google FriendConnect ;) & check back here for more details!