For some reason, I love love LOVE receiving Peter Alexander catalogues in the mail! I hardly buy anything from there, but it is the way everything is so beautifully presented – in the catalogue, in store, in your bag of goodies you do buy that really really lures me! I love their stores – it is such a brilliant work of visual merchandising art.
Anyway, the point is – got another catalogue in the mail and I collect them all religiously for they so designed so beautifully.

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Readers, check out these airbrushed legs! I thought they were a bit out of place
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Some drool-worthy fabric :D
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The pjs the girl is wearing on the left (below) are the most amazing pjs I’ve seen! The bow pattern is so so cute and I found it coincidentally hilarious how they were called ‘vintage’ bow pj set! I just happen to love everything vintage!
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I’ve noticed from the website that Peter Alexander has removed their previous ‘About Peter’s World’/Peter’s biography story. Back in the day, they had a lovely story about Peter’s journey to success and all the struggles he had ran into. Hey I just googled it and found the biography that used to be on his website!

‘Peter Alexander started his own business at 24 after working for four years in the retail industry. He decided it was time to be his own boss.

With the support of his parents, Peter began making women’s pyjamas for the wholesale market, working from his mother’s living room table. He worked for four years like this and, in the early days, was the only person working in the company. He pretended to be someone else when the phone rang to make the business seem bigger.

Many people tried to discourage Peter because he had no formal training and no business experience.

Peter’s biggest potential set-back became his biggest opportunity when a department store cancelled a large order, leaving Peter with 2000 pairs of pyjamas. In desperation, he put a mail order advertisement in Cleo magazine. The response was overwhelming, and he was flooded with 6000 orders from the one advertisement. Since then he hasn’t looked back.’

*Extracted directly from: ClICK TO READ MORE

It is really inspiring how far he has come, it’s good to hear about all the obstacles you have to go through before succeeding and also shows how it is possible to get there in the end! I’ll always have a soft spot for the Peter Alexander brand!