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just some goofy smile.. but I love the buttons of this shirt & the pattern on the skirt!
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Cream bow headband: Handmade by Kani
White blouse: Vintage
Pendant necklace: Diva
Grey cardigan: Some store overseas
Navy snakeskin belt: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Grey tights: Columbine
Ruffle strap heels: Bonbons
Tan weaved bag: Vintage

Someone asked me in the last post where my shoes were from.. they’re aren’t Wittner.. but Bonbons :) You can find out where they are stocked by visiting their website & giving them an email and they will call you back to literally hunt down one in your size for you! Well I don’t know if these shoes are still in stock since I bought them almost half a year ago, but actually I just wanted to say that their customer service team is amazing! I emailed them asking where I could find these shoes & I think I left my phone number there as it asked for it. Anyway, a few days later, I got a call from an unknown number.. and it was them letting me know that they received my email but couldn’t find out where they were stocked because their system was down. The girl on the phone was really kind & said that she would call me back once their system was up and working again.. and guess what SHE DID! A couple of days later, with the locations of three stores near my area which had these shoes! I thought that was really nice of her :D

On a completely irrelevant note, to the international readers of K is for KANI, I just wanted to share a link of a very very hilarious (well I think) commercial that has been playing on our televisions screens lately!
This is the long version and this is the short version. Also, you can download the long version here!! It’s very worth watching! When I open the television, I normally find advertisements just as interesting as the tv show I am watching. Not because I want to be persuaded to buy Napisan or Nutella, but because I love watching the different ideas people have to try and captivate and advertise their things in a short span of time. Actually, when I graduate from university, I really want to work in marketing and advertising, so that’s why I am always taking note. Anyway, one of my favourite advertisements :)

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