Hey everyone!

So I’ve reached my Photobucket bandwidth limit and hence most of my blog is plastered with the Photobucket sign thing! So since the blog is pretty much down right now, I’ve decided to take advantage of this and redo my whole blog layout and stuff!
I am pretty crap at html.. only thing I know are the basics from that super site www.lissaexplains.com – it’s actually a kid’s site (explains the bright cheerful colours). Anyway, so basically I edit my layouts through trial and error and YES it is going to take a bazillion years. As you can see some changes have already been made but hopefully by very soon I’ll have it up and normal running again. I have a handrawn background prepared, which I am just way too lazy to scan right now.. hopefully it works out fine & also new header. Got sick of the old one at least for over a month now! Also, will be moving over all my photos to tinypic from now on and resizing everything smaller as I’ve noticed that my blog is taking forever to load!

Hopefully y’all hear from me soon for I have some more fashiony updates coming soon!

EDIT: Yay! I’ve finally gotten around to uploading a new header and I’ve re-uploaded this page’s worth of photos onto Tinypic now so now more bandwidth exceeded signs on my page! I hope you like the new layout!