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Embroidered cardigan: Vintage, Top: Vintage, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Voodoo, Belt: came with another dress, Shoes: China, Headband: Handmade, Bag: Vintage.

University exams have really got me studying lately. I sat my first exam on Friday morning and boy, was it hard!!

I can’t wait until my exams are over, I have so many new things to show you all! I haven’t had much time lately to take some outfit photos, but I promise there will be plenty come post-24th June!

I’m so excited about the holidays!!
Things I will be doing:
☺ Designing and Sewing up a storm
☺ Making many headbands & hairclips for my store!
☺ Going on roadtips
☺ Going interstate, if I’m allowed
☺ Going on picnics at pretty parks
☺ Watch High School Musical 1-3 again. I am not 12 and I do not watch it for Zac Efron. However, I’m a huge Vanessa Hudgens fan, and I just loveloveLOVE their cute storylines and catchy songs! I could watch it on replay for a whole week!
☺ Try to get closer to getting my probationary driver’s licence.. (I’ve only done 4-5 hours!)
☺ Document via my dslr, all the pretty places I visit and things I do
☺ Finish altering all the things I need to alter
☺ Satisfying my craving for three colour bean drink
☺ Shopping to my heart’s (bank’s) (dis)content – buying lots of shoes
☺ Showing you my outfits! ♥
☺ Catch up on replying to all my blog comments/emails ♥

Four things I’d like to share with you before I go study some more:
Crazy Hot Clothes, the lovely store that I collaborated with for the recent giveaway, now offers free shipping worldwide!
Stitsh, a lovely street fashion blog in Europe have featured one of my outfits. Be sure to check them out for lovely street style inspiration from other bloggers around the world too :)
☺ I like to stalk myself on Google. Yesterday I found this!! haha hello if you are reading – that’s a very sweet post and i’m completely flattered!
☺ Top Designs at Melbourne Museum will close on the 24th of June. I really enjoyed being a part of it, it was a dream to see my work on display!!My Final Year Visual Communication & Design Folio

That’s all from me for today! ☺