6 and 8 s
Diva necklace worn as hair chain, vintage top, Disney for Diva pumpkin carriage bracelet, Maxi skirt c/o Robot Ninjas, ASOS bow belt, Novo tan wedges & vintage bag
This week:
1. Almost went to the St Kilda night market, until we found out it wasn’t open this summer, extremely sad to hear :( Apparently they couldn’t obtain a lease/policy agreement with the council.
2. Booked tickets to the Gold Coast for five days. There goes all the money i made at work this Summer! 
3. Bought a leopard print cape and a beautiful dress i bought came in the mail – will share soon!
4. I listed some of my vintage on Ebay here, they are ending on Sunday night so be sure to take a peek :)
About my maxi skirt: 
I am not kidding when i say this but, i feel tall in this maxi skirt. And i am not tall, by the way. 160cm to be exact. But there’s just something about this paper bag waist and stretchy jersey like fabric that makes the design slimming. Whatever it was, i’ve been lounging in it both at home and in public quite a few days this week. 

I just made myself a flickr account and used flickr to upload my photos for this post as i just found out that Tinypic makes my photos pixelated! My computer screen is somewhat retarded so i can’t really tell, well to be honest everything on my screen looks a tiny bit pixelated to some degree so i didn’t think much of it. But now i see it, and it’s annoying me so i’m trialling some different photo sharing sites and right now i can’t choose between flickr and photobucket. Please let me know if you’ve got an opinion on either :)
So i’ll be soaking in the hopefully existent sun in the Gold Coast for the majority of this week. My sister is officially in charge of Vintage with Kani & Kani whilst i am absent. I will have minimal internet connection or in other words, no blogging at all. However, you can follow me on Twitter here, i’ll most likely be tweeting. In fact, this week is going to be hectic. Because i just realised that it’s my birthday and chinese new year. Expect photo diarrhea upon my return :)
Enjoy your week everyone – wherever you are around the world <3
Much love, 

PS! If anyone has any suggestions on places to go/shop/visit/see/eat near Surfers Paradise, please lemme know in the comments – much appreciated!