Look what came in the mail this week! A personalised name necklace sent by Niki from My Name Necklace. I guess i’ve always wanted one ever since early summer this year when i walked past a little stall in the middle of a shopping centre in Surfer’s Paradise selling similar name necklaces, but made out of wire.      
I chose the 18 inch chain so that it was long enough for me to wear over collars and have it peeping out underneath.. almost like a sweater guard. I tried on different necklace lengths to work out that it was a 18 inch chain which i needed, very confusing but i am glad i ended up getting the right length. The font i chose (gosh there were so many different ones!) was a less swirly one compared to the normal Carrie version. I went this one because it didn’t have as many swirls and wouldn’t make the ‘i’ in Kani look like an ‘e’ :) Super cute and sure to be popping up in my future outfits.. gives it a little Kani touch.
There’s a little discount code on their entire collection: ‘KisforKani’ for 8% off. Take a peep here.

To see the rest of what i am wearing, visit again tomorrow :)