flowers and the woods
Coldplay – Viva la Vida :) {I’ve had a few emails and comments asking me how i made the music bar small without the video screen, to do it, just decrease the height to about 25 pixels! Hope that helps you guys}
flowers and the woodsflowers and the woods
flowers and the woods
flowers and the woods
Kani handmade hair wreath, vintage dress & belt, Betts wedges

Here is a little bit of a two in one post since i am going to be talking about two things in one! I guess i didn’t need to explain the last part but i thought i would anyway. These are just a few snaps off one of the outfits i styled for the Betts 5 Ways to Wear project, this is one of my mother’s vintage dresses from the 70s, (i believe).. it seems like quite a youthful print and will be perfect for the springtime ahead. I obviously like my flowers.
My mother is slowly letting me raid her old vintage dresses she used to wear so perhaps this spring/summer i will end up with a few more new additions to my wardrobe. Sadly though, she told me that she threw out over 80% of her clothing when she migrated here.. All i could think in my head was.. NOO NOO NOO! Once i bought a pair of vintage boots online and she looked at them and said, ‘hey i used to have them twenty something years ago, but i threw them out.’ Oh and she tends to add ‘they were so much nicer than the ones you bought too.’ Oh how sad and distraught i tend to feel haha!


Also, a couple of weeks ago i was informed by that i was selected as a candidate in their Romwe covergirl contest. It’s a competition they are running for some of the top bloggers around the world to determine who will be featured on their new reusable bags which they will be sending out with all customer orders. There are twenty bloggers in the competition and the three bloggers with the most votes will be chosen to be the Romwe three official cover girls! We also get featured on their reusable bags/i think we get to design them how we like too :D So i guess in order to be in the competition, we’ve gotta ask people to vote for us so i would absolutely loveloveelovieee ♡ it if you could vote for me!

To vote, all you have to do is (i promise it takes five seconds maximum!):
1. Click on this link here, like the page (not sure, since i already have it liked)
2. Click on the contest banner, then click on my profile photo to vote for me!
And, to thank everyone for voting and for supporting the bloggers in the contest, everyone who votes gets a 5% off coupon for Romwe.. AND there’s more! If i end up as one of the three most voted for bloggers, then three lucky people who voted for me will be randomly selected to win a $80 Romwe gift voucher each!
I’ve also created a Facebook event here so and would love it if you invited your friends to help out, i would be so happy and forever thankful!!:) I’m the only Aussie in the competition which makes it so very exciting and probably, quite frightening as well. Thankyou everyone!

PS. News has arrived in my inbox bringing a lovely giveaway coming soon later this/next week. Come back and have a look! :) Other than that, i’m about to fall onto my bed and sleep for a good ten hours.
PPS. Thankyou so much for your votes!

PPPS. You may have heard me complaining about my computer lagging even though i have four internet windows open or something similar.. well guess what? I’ve decided that i’m going to buy a new computer to replace my one. My one is actually really old and slow. It used to be my dad’s computer and it has been active for over eight years now! Yes i know. I run a brick. But therethere, it will soon be replaced. And my bank statement will also soon be replaced. With a $0 sign. But here’s to a more efficient future where i don’t have to wait for 5 minutes whilst Adobe Reader shuts down or i don’t have to deal with random computer freezes or uncalled for computer restarts. This is like some sort of electronic revolution for me as i’ve never been really into running the latest software or anything. My mp3 player (which i don’t use) is like a big usb stick. I know. haha. I still love it though.