Chris Brown/Justin Bieber – Next to You cover by Conor & Ebony :) So lovely, Tom won’t stop listening to it and i am in love with it too!
Photos are by Tom! I think this is the third outfit he’s taken photos of for me now! :)

So aside from New York and America in general, the other place which i really really want to visit is Europe. It used to be only France, but after seeing photos of bloggers from all over as well as beautiful photography in some ethereal looking islands, i’ve decided that i really want to visit the entire continent. Those beautiful stone tile roads, creamy coloured buildings, cosy little shops lining the strets and green fields and hills are things i’ve seen only in pictures. The closest i could get to being anywhere near Europe would be this dress. How sad.. someone please send me to France! Oh, why i just got myself a blog post title.

When i first saw this dress on Romwe i knew i had to have it. I have a thing for clothing emblazoned with countries and cities i want to visit. There’s the toi et moi jumper which says ‘Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, New York, London’. Then there’s the Button n Thread ‘I <3 New York’ tshirt and now there’s the Eiffel tower tank dress. I think the only one’s i’m missing is probably a Kings Cross print dress and maybe just a dress with the print of the whole entire world..
SEND ME TO FRANCE The bag and blazer are from the ever so sweet girls at who sent me a surprise package the other day.. thankyou! Some beautiful tan brown additions to my wardrobe. The leather bag is actually hand embroidered and all and it is really driving me crazy as the suede feel makes me want to pat and rub all the time! Yeah and i can’t get enough of the tassel and somewhat bohemian vibe it gives. My favourite :) Lately i’ve been really swaying towards creams, browns, pinks and navy for some reason. I feel like i’m going into a more pastel/neutral phase but that said, it wouldn’t be surprising if i came back a few days later with a candy coloured outfit!
Lastly, just wanted to kindly ask my readers to help me out in the Romwe covergirl contest that is running for the entire month of August. At first when the competition started i felt quite bad about asking anyone or even telling anyone about it haha but i guess since i’m in it i might as well give it ago! I think in my previous post i may have posted a dodgy link (fixed it now!) but to those who haven’t voted yet, i would absolutely love it if you could vote for me in the contest. It’s to determine who will feature as the covergirl of Romwe and be printed on their canvas bags and all. There are three winners, determined by the number of votes and i would seriously really really appreciate five seconds of your time to vote for me!
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hat and eiffel tower dress, Chicwish blazer and bag, vintage belt, Urban Outfitters pocket boots. 
Have a happy week!