lulu & rose sequin jacket, t-shirt & shorts, voodoo tights, Betts shoes
Okay this is absolutely crazy but over the past few weeks i’ve done quite a few photoshoots and well, i’ve steadily gotten myself a pretty big fat HUGE-MONGOUS chunk of backlogged posts. Which i guess serves me well since i am so busy these days! This is the first ‘studio’ sort of shoot i have been at. (By the way, just putting it out there that i can be a pretty awkward model) Anyway, it was the first time, aside from annual school photos, where i was being shot with artificial lighting set up around me.
This is a selection of my favourite photos. I put together an outfit that was much more hmm urban or rockie than what i normally wear to suit the location – an underground carpark. I guess i pulled out the most trendy items from my wardrobe and just mixed them all together, resulting in a clashing of prints, more prints and.. sequins? Hope you like :)

photography by rangga, tisna, yoga, zeky & jefry