Cosima De Vito – When the War is Over
Vintage beaded wool jumper, vintage lace collared dress worn as a top inside, denim shorts c/o Romwe, voodoo black tights, ASOS black suede wedges, vintage bag (lizzie’s) & typewriter – a prop borrowed from my friend yvonne!
I really wish that old things like boomboxes, telegrams, typewriters, box brownies, antique telephones and record players never went so ‘extinct’. I think it’s a little bit sad to throw these historical items out – it’s like throwing out a bit of history and if every one was to throw away their boomboxes.. then there would be none left (well done Sherlock)! So that’s why i like collecting these old things. My parents think i’m crazy, buying second hand bits and pieces which they had only just chucked out a couple of decades ago because they were quote: “useless”. So far, i’ve bought myself a fabulous, huge and completely unportable red boom box. But every time i visit a market with old home wares and bric a brac, i am always so tempted to buy that glass fruit bowl, completely broken but oh so beautiful camera or the countless sets of delicate teacup sets!
Today is my Etsy store’s one year anniversary :) And what better way to celebrate with.. 100 Etsy sales! I also just wanted to say a bit thank you to Lara from Frankie Magazine for featuring my hair accessories on the Frankie blog. Pretty much the most amazing thing that has happened in my hair accessories making career..! So big love to Frankie Magazine (as well as their fabulous magazine as well!)

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