union jack
union jack
union jack
Top, backpack & suede tan flat boots, Supre denim shorts, Diva necklace, Forever 21 cream socks, vintage belt & bracelet from an overseas market.

So one of my good friends Roy is what i can only attest to being a fabulous photographer. He borrowed a full frame camera off a friend last week and wanted to test it out. Put two and two together and we ended up doing this mini photo shoot after class. I have noticed since receiving the photos that i have some sort of an extremely goofy smile in most of them. Well.. i guess you could say i’m a bit of a smiley person and when you have a jolly photographer as well.. it’s sort of hard to pull any serious faces.
The shot of me in the tree was actually quite hard to achieve. Because i had to climb that tree. Or get lifted to get onto that tree haha. I was pretty much extremely scared the whole entire time and it didn’t help that the sun was shining right into my face. We ended up getting a passer by/(thankfully a friend) and forcefully made him hold up a sunlight diffusing thing (i’m so technical with photography sometimes..) in order to get that shot.
The charm style bracelet is a surprise gift from Soufeel who makes cute little charm bracelets which you can customise with your own beads. I guess they knew me well as i received a tan brown banded one – pretty much my staple accessories colour most of the time and perfect for mixing with some other boho sort of bracelets i plan on wearing more this spring :)
photography by roy
PS. I just wanted to say: look at that bokeh!!! amazing.