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Hi guys!

I’m collaborating with Sunglass Hut this season! Sunglass Hut has just launched a new online platform called Inner Circle‘ which is like a digital mood board for curating and sharing things that inspire us. It’s a great way to re-invent your own style or find style inspiration from others and I’ve been appointed a contributor on the website which allows me to share with you things that inspire me every few weeks. My posts will be up on the Inner Circle website and I will also be cross-posting them on my blog here. I don’t normally post inspiration photos on my blog since it’s mainly outfit posts, so this will probably be quite a refreshing read (or stare) because I’m going to share with you images that I love.

So my digital mood board at the moment looks something like this:

1. Nature and fresh air
2. High waists and retro prints
3. City lights and vacations
5. Photography
6. Flicking through magazines at Magnation
7. Pastel mixes
8. Clashing prints

It is a collection of not just fashion images, but also photos of nature, the city and often, a quote or two. Lately I’ve been really just wishing for Summer and the massive three month long Summer break university students get. Hence I’ve been collecting images of peaceful landscapes, serenity and purchasing magazines (Smith Journal) which I will never have time to read.. at least not until the semester is over. Fashion wise, I’ve been constantly lusting for anything that hits the waist and have also been straying from my usual colours and floral into experimenting with Aztec prints and neutral tones.
Head on over to the Inner Circle to check out all the images that are inspiring me this week ♡