Continuing on from my last post on Inner Circle, I guess my love for nature somewhat inspires and influences the extremely excessive amounts of floral I wear. Before I started getting into even more crazy amounts of prints (such as aztec, ethnic and 80s style geometric), my entire ‘print’ section of my wardrobe was literally floral and only floral. There were floral skirts, floral bags, floral dresses, floral blouses, floral pants, floral dresses, floral blazers.. hats adorned with flowers, the list goes on. I even used Marc Jacobs Daisy!
Inspired by the beautiful blooms nature brings this time each year, whenever I would walk past a flower garden or see some wild flowers growing by the sidewalk, I would instantly want something in a similar print.
Here’s to my love for floral print. Check it out over on Inner Circle here
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