photo 3

{outfit 1} Jayjays leather jacket, dress c/o clubcouture, diva necklace & rings, socks from f21, heels c/o fabi shoes

{outfit 2} vintage cream cardigan, dress c/o clubcouture, socks from myer, bonbons heels & forever 21 watch necklace

Some more shots bc & i did together at carlton gardens. Definitely a really beautiful place with huge trees (both dead and alive), the gorgeous old exhibition building, the little lakes and footpaths, the flowers, the fountain, yep! Love it :) I put together these outfits late at night before the shoot and then lugged them onto the bus (i think it was, three bags) towards the city. I think everyone was staring at me cause of all the stuff i was carrying around (including five pairs of shoes!) But the day was fun so it’s all alright :) Anyway now i officially have ONE exam left.  And i am literally treating it as if i’m already on holidays. Spent yesterday cleaning my wardrobe and putting away my winter clothes and taking out my summer ones. Extremely excited to be able to take out the sewing machine again as well. Ahhhh can’t wait.