Wearing: ASOS embroidered blouse, bug belt & rings, Modcloth necklace, Modekungen studded shorts, UNIF hellraisers (via Market HQ) and vintage bag

There’s a miniature train in the area that operates once every few weeks. I always drive past and always think how lovely it would be to snap some outfit photos there. So it’s been a while and today I finally decided to put this little thought to action! But alas, I went on one of the many days it is closed and the train was no where in sight. Instead, barbed fences and locks graced the little track. Now I’m really not sure what inspired this outfit but I guess these spiky little monsters sent from the lovely people from Market HQ did trigger me to want to wear all my studdy things. Though I do notice that whenever I wear something remotely out of the ordinary me, I always like to pair it with something a little more feminine.. like this top :) By the time this post goes live I will be somewhere above the Indian Ocean on a much too long flight to London. I’ve got a couple of spare days to myself so if anyone has any tips on what to do, where to go, please let me know in the comments! ♡