Wearing: River Island lime green blazer, pearl collar necklace & pastel shorts, vintage blouse and Topshop lipstick tights& buckle boots.

Why hello :) Today I went on the shortest ‘out of Victoria’ trip ever. This morning, I woke up at 6AM to catch a flight to Sydney to see the new ASOS collection that will be dropping in August/September – which by the way, is absolutely beautiful. By 10PM, I was back home again in Melbourne, going about my usual every day life, as if I hadn’t even left the state at all! That’s how fast my trip was and I really can’t fathom how you can simply get to Sydney within 1 hr (same time it takes to drive to Bendigo) and have an action-packed day there – then head home to bed again. It’s strange, because that’s the first time I’ve ever done that. Margaret kindly snapped these photos for me in Hyde Park, after we had a lovely sushi train lunch at Pitt St Mall. These lipstick tights have been getting a lot of attention since I first bought them in London last month. To be honest, when I first saw them – of course, I was mesmerised. But they were somewhat too quirky to the point that I had no idea what to wear them with. So what I did was, I circled around the tights section about three times before I finally came back and snapped a pair up. I had no idea what I was going to wear them with at all. One month later, I’ve already worn them more than a handful times (coming soon to my blog), have had adorable grandmas come up to me on the London Underground commenting how lovely they were (at that point, I was still convinced they looked strange), had strangers on the street in Sydney and Melbourne comment on how cool they were ‘bet they’re not from Australia!’ (you bet right), Face  Hunter posted a photo of my knees and well.. I really must say I love wearing them because the general downwards stare at my knees means that nobody stares at my face which sometimes creeps me out when I stare back hehe. Anyway here’s a warning that you’re going to see these tights a lot in the near future! <3


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