It’s about time I put aside my MBFWA content and organise this official announcement.. I won ASOS Future Stylist! And I couldn’t be more happy, excited, jumpy and thankful. ASOS Future Stylist started off with 16 bloggers from around the world, each approached by ASOS, asked to represent our own countries in this global styling competition. I agreed to participate and I decided to try my best, give it my all and just see how I go. Little did I know that four months later, I managed to make it through every single round of the competition, got to meet the people behind ASOS and most crazily – went on a spontaneous trip to the UK with less than a week’s notice. Something that I would never have dreamed of doing until at least I was about 30 and hopefully with a mortgage and car! The competition has been a positively amazing experience and I am still in disbelief that I won. To be honest, I think my friends are even more excited than me as I haven’t really come to grips with it yet. The news actually came through at 3AM on the Tuesday of MBFWA so I really hadn’t had the time to announce it or even digest it properly. But thank you so, so much to every single person who contributed to the 16,804 votes for me in the final round. Thank you to all the beautiful bloggers who helped spread the news, to all my readers and to all my friends <3 And to the wonderful Jana, my fellow finalist from Germany, who I spent the week in London with – there are so many photos and videos we took that I still have to share. And lastly, to the ASOS team who have been a pleasure to work with and meet – I really can’t wait until we meet again :) Some time over the next year, I will be flying somewhere around the world to style a celebrity for a special shoot for the ASOS magazine. But out of all of this, the best part really is the experience itself and all the new readers I have met and the content I was able to produce for my blog.

When I was in London last month during the semi-finals, I took some time out to shop and put together this little present to give away to one of my readers, as a little ‘thank you’ for being around! It’s a London souvenir t-shirt, two bow headbands and a little bohemian inspired tapestry purse necklace.

**Congratulations to Julie Tu, the winner of this giveaway**

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