Wearing: Atmosphere print blazer, Monki lace dress, ASOS clutch, rings & heels and a vintage necklace {Photos by Marcus}

When I was young, I used to hate wearing green because it was the colour of my school uniform and the colour that I wore every day. It reminded me of the bitter green gummy lollies that were always the last colour left in the bag and I thought it made me look like an alien. It wasn’t until I started watching Gossip Girl and seeing the characters in such brightly donned outfits, that I began thinking about what I liked to wear. I went through multiple phases of crazy things like, well.. remember those slogan t-shirts that said things like ‘drop beats, not bombs?’ yep I owned quite a few of those. Then there was the phase where I would only wear coloured tights and a trench coat a la the girls in Gossip Girl. However, throughout all the phases, one thing has always remained quite the same. I like bright things and I like colour. Oh and most importantly.. I like green. I am not going to kid you, but most of my outfits (I think I already announced this a few posts ago) that I wore to MBFWA this year incorporate various shades of green. So here’s to a green outfit. Picked this blazer up in London for a mere £20. Purchased those green heels whilst I was in London and got them delivered to my hotel as I was in London (I confess, I have underlying shopping problems – at times). And the clutch which I brought around with me 24/7, thankfully served as a convenient conversation starter when I met Susie Bubble!

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