Wearing: Cici @ Topshop floral blouse, SaveUs flared skirt, ASOS leopard belt & rings, Matiko ‘City Sidewalks’ boots & Pink LouLou bracelets

I have always loved making videos, ever since my high school days where I used to take the subject media studies. Outfit videos have always been something that I have loved and wanted to do but not having a video camera or camera that does video always proved to be a big roadblock. But alas, this problem has now been solved and I hereby present to you, my first ever outfit video to accompany my usual outfit posts :) I really love the concept of integrating video into my blog as I feel like it adds an extra dimension and an element of realness and spontaneity to accompany the photos. In fact, I’ve already got quite a few clips lined up from my trip to London as well as many more fashion week ones that I am busy editing at this very moment.  Jess of Jess Loves Fred helped me film this video and I quickly gave it an edit and then spent almost 5 hours attempting to upload the silly thing onto Youtube. Hm. I hope you guys like it! I’m wearing a lovely red flare skirt borrowed from Marg (I should really get something like this for myself) paired with a boho inspired floral shirt I picked up in London. These Matiko wedges have the coolest platform heel. The bottom is a layer of wood followed by a slice of shiny reflective mirror. When I first bought them, I had no idea what I wanted to wear them with but as soon as I saw that shiny metallic heel I just knew I had to have them. So they’ve actually sat in my wardrobe for almost five months now before I finally brought them out and took them out for a spin :)

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