Every day of MBFWA, I took hundreds of photos and videos. So the process of sifting through all the photos was a long one and this post is long overdue. Here’s a selection of my favourite photos from the Miss Unkon, Bec and Bridge, Manning Cartell & Alice McCall runway.

Miss Unkon SS 12/13:

Miss Unkon: The beautiful Miss Unkon SS 12/13 collection was a delight to see. Sorbet yellow, orange, pink and blue graced the runway in delicate pleats. The ornamental metal embellishments which lined these pieces fluttered along ever so perfectly as the models walked and seeing numerous versions of this metal hem throughout the runway – on skirts, tops and dresses really made me want to get my hands on one. Another thing that I noticed as being popular for the upcoming season was organza and embroidery (also seen in Alice McCall’s collection – post coming soon). The beautiful white skirt with the embroidered floral applique really caught my eye. It’s the perfect way to go for a bit of volume in a playful, fun way, whilst of course, still being able to keep things cool (literally) in such a lightweight fabric.

Bec and Bridge SS 12/13

Bec and Bridge: A few of my photos didn’t turn out quite right for this show, but I guess these two photos do sum up my favourite pieces. A beautifully heavy peplum tip singlet and some amazing watercolour floral print blazers. All set on a backdrop of mainly white garments – a shade I am absolutely dying to wear this Summer!


Manning Cartell SS 12/13

Manning Cartell: Manning Cartell presented their collection is a Darlinghurst Church and was filled with the most gorgeous, gorgeous prints I saw all fashion week. This particular mirror image floral print (which I took too many photos of and am now showing you in a dress, jacket, cropped bra and skirt) is something that I can’t stop thinking about. The print just had an overall very vintage sort of feel to it with its beige background, which is very refreshing and something I love. I was also quite keenly in love with the similar cream and grey set, as well as the little piping and sequin details on their pieces. So many things on my wishlist already <3

Alice McCall:

Alice McCall: – blew me away. This was the collection that had me on my toes from the very start and the collection that I am so desperately in love with. Every single piece here embodied the types of pieces I love most – feminine with a little bit of kitsch seemed like the overall vibe. I am so in love with the milk maid’s braid – not that I wasn’t in love with it already, I still cry at the fact that I can hardly braid my hair due to its layers, let along braid it around the top of my head. As soon as I can remotely get my hair to look like that, I am jumping onto the milk maid braid wagon. The little headscarves really reminded me of childhood innocence (for some reason) and Alice in Wonderland. The jewel drop earrings and china doll lips were so perfectly done and really added to the overall look. And I haven’t even started saying what I think about the pieces itself.. I really can’t get over the extensive embroidery, I literally want every single piece in my wardrobe.. right now ♡

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