Wearing: vintage spray jacket, vintage blouse, Quirky Circus shorts, ASOS oui/non belt, Topshop buckle boots and vintage bag {Photos by Jess}

I’ve been sort of really into this ‘sports luxe’ trend for a few months now, well, pretty much ever since round 3 of the ASOS Future Stylist competition when we had to style a sports inspired look. So when I picked up this vintage (!!!) spray jacket at the local markets I was more than impressed with myself. But I had no idea what to wear it with. It seems that this is always the case for me these days – buying things I like but have no idea to wear with. Oh and you probably know how the story goes now.. all of my clothes ended up on my floor during a period of immense ‘nothing to wear’ frustration, only to have things suddenly look coherent on my floorboards and then subsequently be translated into an outfit.. a.k.a. this outfit. I guess I needed something to wear on the day of my flight to Sydney and I wanted something to wear that was warm and comfortable. {Fast fact: I wore a cape coat that made out of a bath towel like material on my 27 hr flight to London and was so happy with my choice}. I flipped through my wardrobe, past heavy wool coats that were so restricting in their arm movement, past my delicate lace and sequin pieces (uh oh, might just pull something whilst lugging around my huge suitcase) and then finally landed past this somewhat questionable piece. I was so determined to incorporate it into my outfit, given it’s oversized, roomy fit, but yet I had nothing to wear with it. Anyway I don’t know what happened but I ended up coming up with this and I quite like the muted pastel colour palette, which nicely fit the theme of our FELLT launch party at an industrial looking studio :)


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