Wearing: Kani orange floral headband, Monki mustard knit, vintage teal floral dress, Topshop socks & boots and a vintage bag {Photos by Marg}

So what does one of my really, casual outfits look like? Well, I’m not talking about really, really casual which would be trackies and some baggy jumper. I’m also not talking about really, really, really casual which I deem to be my pajamas. I’m just talking about something really easy I wear on say, the weekend to do nothing much :) Well! Here’s a good example. On the weekend before MBFWA, Jess, Yenny, Marg & I went for impromptu brunch and I went in this really comfy outfit. This vintage dress is many sizes too big for me so it hangs loosely and this mustard jumper has a nice baggy fit. I paired this with one of my handmade headbands, a pop of pink in my poodle print socks and my trust Topshop boots which I am pretty much wearing most days, these days. MBFWA was the first time I got to properly meet the other FELLT girls, given I had been in my own little {Melbourne} bubble most of the time prior to this!

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