Wearing: Cici shirt, vintage apricot jumper, vintage sweater guard, daisy butterfly bracelet, Topshop printed trousers, ASOS rings, neoprene bag from FW & See by Chloe sneaker wedges

Time to bust out the colour for another cold and gloomy Melbourne Winter! These pastel pink See by Chloe wedges that I ordered right after I posted my latest “Currently Loving” post, have really inspired me to play around with the pastel palette. I’ve been constantly decorating my collared shirts with vintage sweater guards. I’ve been collecting them for over a year now and now have quite a collection. I think I love them so much as it’s just so much comfier to wear something clipped onto a collar than to throw a necklace on. I especially hate putting on a necklace on a cold morning only to have the cold metal against my skin give me the chills. I decided to break up the apricot, lilac and pastel pink with some printed pants from Topshop which are actually surprisingly warm! They were from the Summer collection and was also done in a bandeau as well – but I just find the bright colour so fitting for brightening up a cold day! So I wear them in Winter :) And these wedges? I am so happy I bought them. I should really do more of those posts every time I want to convince myself to buy something, because by the time I finish writing about how much I like something, I have totally convinced myself that the purchase is justified. Now they’re supposed to be sneaker wedges but I refuse to see them as that. I like to think that they are a bit more polished up and refined than your average sneaker on a wedge, but I must say, that I can literally run in them like as if they were sneakers.

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