Wearing: H&M hair elastic, Cici blouse, Doury crystal necklace, Bardot boyfriend coat, vintage bag, Forever 21 jeans, Betts boots

A little bit of muted colour fun. Very rarely do I dress in such dull shades as I’m always one for all things bright and cheery. I really don’t know what I was feeling when this mix was put together but I sort of like the look. Melbourne has been quite cold lately so a really warm coat is always a necessity here! I’m still on the hunt another perfect winter coat. I bought this coat a couple of months ago though after wearing it non-stop in London, I now feel like it’s a little bit dull in colour for me. So far, I have just one coat that I am completely, utterly in love with – my dark orange coat from a couple of posts ago. So I’m still on the look out for another and have been using this “need” as an excuse to trawl the shops online. Next week, I’m going to be having dental surgery to have all four of my wisdom removed (*cries*) so I think I shall have plenty of time in bed to go shopping online. Feeling delirious on anaesthetics/painkillers would probably also speed up the justification journey to “check out”!

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