Wearing: Mossman Alimony Shirt; vintage purple shorts; necklace from my friend; ASOS oui/non belt & rings; Topshop lippy tights & boots {Photos by Sureka}

A couple of months ago I took part in the “Melbourne, Mossman & Me” shoot where I styled a look around a piece from their latest collection, Neon Nemesis. This is what I came up with. Something quite, quite colourful. Oops! I always seem to be into the colour.. On the day of my shoot, it was not only raining but also extremely windy. This was done on a rooftop carpark and I literally parked my car as close as I could to where we were shooting to avoid battling the elements for more than what was really necessary :) So now you know why my hair is completely out of control here. Sureka was lovely to work with and I’m really happy to see how brightly these colours shine in the photographs.. almost brighter than in real life :)

PS. Amongst all the procrastination I’ve been doing this week, I’ve finally set up a little site for a wardrobe clear out sale – check it out here! It was hard but I had to admit to myself that if I didn’t do this, all my clothes would eventually consume both my bedroom and I.

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