Wearing: Handmade sunflower headband, River Island coat, vintage blouse, Doury leather necklace, Gorman skirt, Minimarket buckle boots {Photos by Jeremy}

Ahh. The freedom! I feel like I haven’t done a proper outfit post since a very long time as I have been sharing travel diaries lately. I picked up this wool coat on my last day of London for a mere 35£ on sale and have been wearing it frequently ever since. I feel like a bright coat is an absolute necessity for gloomy, cold days and after coming back from Sydney, I have come to realise that Melbourne gets pretty cold. Well of course not to the point of snowing cold, but still much colder than Sydney which seems to be averaging 5°C warmer than Melbourne for the whole of this week. I sometimes find coats with longer sleeves a bit chunky to deal with and so I have really been taking a liking towards anything 3/4 sleeved or shorter. Or I can just confess it’s because I’ve been in love with this certain Loeffler Randall coat I saw Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl wearing some many years ago. The saddest thing is that it’s sold out, so I’m still on the hunt for something similar!

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