Wearing: Vintage white blouse, Bonds pink sloppy joe jumper, ASOS multi-colour knit scarf, vintage purple denim shorts, Peter Jensen lilac metal plate belt, Voodoo tights and Topshop lace up boots.

So continuing on from my silly first week of uni, here’s an update of what’s been going on. That subject that I bought the wrong textbook for? I ended up buying the right law textbook only to decide a few hours ago that I want to switch units to something else. Now I’m stuck with another textbook that I don’t quite need and I can’t seem to offload it to anyone. Damn! But now, I’ve got a super-crazy-cool timetable with minimal breaks in between. And I like it that way! So I’ve been searching for the perfect winter scarf for ages now, trawling pages and pages online, not really sure exactly what I was looking for. I sort of wanted something that I could wear with everything and I wanted something that was bright and would stand out. I browsed through a whole chunk of rather average single coloured knitted scarves and whilst they were nice, they just weren’t ‘me’. I then came across this beauty. A multi-coloured knit scarf that is perfect for injecting some sunshine into any dull looking Winter outfit. I love the patchwork look so much and can’t wait to get lots of wear out of it :)

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