Wearing: Kani rose crown headband, A|wear polka dot read shirt, H&M cropped jumper, vintage purple denim shorts, vintage bag, vintage sweater guard, Betts shoes & Daisy butterfly bracelet, vintage bracelets and rings.

Attempting to stay warm in colour with some of my favourite vintage pieces.. I can’t remember how long I’ve had these vintage purple denim shorts for, but they’ve always been one of the more versatile pieces in my wardrobe. I first found them as a pair of denim jeans, extremely baggy but tapering at the ankles in  a very unflattering way. However, the waist size was perfect for me so I decided to chop them into some shorts that I would actually wear. I’ve also had this bag for a while now and I just love its doctor bag style – it’s a little bit different to your usual little vintage shoulder bag which is why I love it so much as an alternative to my other brown one. And can you believe I stumbled across my name on a bracelet?! I never thought I would ever make such a discovery, given that when I was younger, I would never find my name on any of the key rings, mugs and necklaces in shopping centre gift shops. But now, I finally have one too :) I guess my name was more popular in the days gone by!