Wearing: Kani handmade ‘mr twiggles’ hair wreath, vintage knit cardigan, vintage pink blouse, Lonely Hearts velvet pinafore, Ambra tights and Betts mary jane heels.

Just checking in with a mid-week Wednesday post wearing one of my favourite finds. I don’t know how I didn’t discover this Lonely Hearts velvet pinafore sooner but when I did a couple of months ago, I knew I had to have it! The problem was that it was a few seasons old, from the ‘Little Bandits’ collection to be exact and completely sold out everywhere. However with a little bit of luck and persistence, I happened to stumble across someone selling it! They say ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’. Well, in this circumstance it was ‘one man’s wrong-sized treasure is another’s right-sized treasure’  and I really couldn’t have been happier. Though it is a size too big for me but when you love something this much, it doesn’t matter! Until you of course, find it in the right size next :) I wore this outfit today (though with my Topshop buckle boots) and it was extremely foggy this morning when I took these photos just before heading out for a day of law readings, hence the big white blur behind me. Anyway, happy Wednesday everyone! My Betts collaboration just went live and I can’t wait to tell you more in my next post.

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