Wearing: ASOS white shirt, Doury leather necklace, vintage red wool jumper, Marc B bag, high waist jeans and brown lace up boots

Oops! I can’t believe how fast time flies when you’re completely inundated with uni study, keeping an online shop constantly stocked, seeing friends and attempting to make the weekly Pilates and Body Attack classes at the gym! I can’t wait for the semester to finish. I’ve been itching to finish all this study because I’ve got a couple of exciting projects lined up before it ends. And even more to come in the summer break when I will be able to dedicate a lot more time to my beloved blog and its readers. But for now, here’s a comfortable and casual outfit, consisting of what normally gets thrown on when I just want to take things easy: a collared shirt, woollen jumper and navy high-waist jeans is one of my favourite staple university outfits. I’ve probably mentioned this before but it’s extremely practical for those windy campus days, when wearing skirts can lead to endless embarrassing surprises! Anyway, I impulsively picked up this vintage jumper at the markets the other week without lending a thought to the fact that 1. I already own a red jumper and 2. it was nearing Spring/Summer. Luckily for me, Melbourne’s bipolar weather and 15 degree days made it just right to take this jumper out to play! If you don’t believe the ridiculously temperamental weather we have down here, it’s forecast to be a top of 27 degrees on Thursday and then 14 degrees on Saturday…although I do get to indulge in a taste of summer when I head up to Sydney for the day on Friday! More to be revealed later :)