Wearing: vintage patterned green shirt, August Street overalls, vintage tan leather bag, Topshop socks, Topshop ACTON boots

SWOTVAC is here and I couldn’t be more.. unmotivated. It might be the fact that both my law subjects have gifted me with open book exams or the fact that my marketing subject is contentless.. but I just can’t get into study groove. With a week to go, I am starting to feel the pressure! So you might be hearing from me a little bit less often over the next couple of weeks. But fingers crossed this won’t be lasting long as I have a few backlogged posts on the ready. Thank goodness for backlogs.

Yesterday, I had the most beautiful day. It was 27 degrees in Melbourne and I went to check my PO box early in the morning. Welcoming with open arms: this superb pair of denim overalls from August Street and a copy of Lisa Mitchell’s new album (we all know how much I love Lisa) ‘Bless This Mess’ sent from Warner Music! With the CD on constant replay in my car and a fifth pair of overalls in my wardrobe, I was in high spirits. Half eleven and a knock on the door. Oh! The parcels just keep on coming today and this time, it’s my new phone! I haven’t quite *owned* a device of my own which I could Instagram with, always other peoples’ phones and tablets. So I am super excited! (and laggy to adopt all sorts of technology in general). Early last year, I tried to convince my boyfriend why smartphones weren’t necessary. And now this happens..

And my outfit? My thoughts are, overalls are rad. And so are pinafores. I just love them, they are such a quirky sort of one piece and my collection is growing at an alarming rate. Floral denim, velvet, floral corduroy, pinstriped – obsession alert!