Wearing: Nali drop earrings, House of Cards scallop hem dress, bracelets (vintage, Claire Aristides, Gorjana), Topshop socks & Topshop Joni shoes.

I thought it was about time I take a break from my extremely unsatisfying exam study and get a new blog post going! I’m having one of those moments when I really thank the ‘past me’ for being so organised.. for backlogging! Hooray for backlogging a few blog posts to get me through the crazy end of the semester. So what has happened since we last spoke? I for one, have been doing more than my fair share of online shopping. Extra time in front of the computer ‘studying’ has turned into frequently scheduled (or unscheduled) breaks browsing online. I’ve decided that I am going to attempt to start reading novels again. So I bought a book. ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ to be exact. My attention span certainly isn’t very excited to hear this but it occurred to me that my younger sister (who is 3 years younger than me) probably has a vocabulary much more exciting than mine! Sisterly rivalry is rife in my head and I decided it’s time for me to smarten up. Although in my defence, while I was born here, I didn’t start learning English properly until I started school!

In other news, I’ve pretty much tried and tested every single unopened beauty and skincare product I have in my room. My room is currently filled with a faint but oh-so-strong smell of coconut and lime body creme. Just yesterday, I literally ripped off the plastic of every single unopened lipstick I owned and tested out all of the colours. Why I bought a dark purple gothic looking lipstick really does concern me and the health of my thought processes.. I cannot wait until semester 6/12 (depresso) is over! And until then, I am going to be a book worm with a deteriorating eyesight (sigh). But after then, comes the bliss of three and a half months of freedom.

Over and out! And warm wishes and good luck to all the students studying for their end-of-year exams!


PS. I forgot to say, I just love scallops & pastels and this dress embodies both. So you know how I feel about this dress. And speaking of scallops, I need advice.. I think I found my dream bag – the See by Chloe Poya in burgundy but I’m not sure..