Wearing: handmade floral crown headpiece, Zoe Karssen Bat tee, ASOS Africa organza skirt and Steve Madden Grettta heels. Photos – Tom

Now I’m not one to wear black often so when I put this outfit together, it didn’t look quite like what I normally style. I’ve had this ASOS Africa skirt in my wardrobe for ages now and have never quite had the chance to shoot it. Despite its dark shade, I was very much drawn to its cinched in waist and voluminous skirt, which reminded me of a gothic ballerina. I was hoping to save it for some sort of flower field in a country town far far away from suburban Melbourne, but that didn’t exactly eventuate. After creating a whole collection of wild flower field inspired flower crown headpieces recently, I suddenly was inspired to create an outfit with this skirt, substituting a real flower field for flowers in my hair instead :-)

For those of you who are in Melbourne, my headpieces and I were invited to be a part of the Fair @ Square fashion show this Friday night and we would love to see you there! It’s an eco-fashion inspired show at Federation Square, as well as a weekend of markets (though I won’t be at the markets!) sponsored by one of my fave mags, Peppermint magazine. If you’re interested, you can grab a show ticket here :-)