Wearing: Vintage leopard print shirt, To Love Kuvaa dress, Cali and Cale flatform sandals, ModCloth high waisted bikini and ASOS heart shaped aviators {Photos by Tom}

It’s so nice for the weather to finally warm up in Melbourne! In the past week Tom and I have been making the most of finishing exams by going on trips to places all across Melbourne. After climbing 1000 Steps at Dandenong in my well-worn Topshop boots the night before, we decided to spend Tuesday afternoon relaxing (and resting our feet) at the scenic Brighton Beach. It was very quiet that afternoon, with only a handful of tourists and locals out and about. The bright bathing boxes were a delightful backdrop to our seaside picnic which included a couple of boxes of frozen berries as well as smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers – my favourite snack. We had a lot of fun playing around with the camera, shooting against the bathing boxes, water and sun, and before we knew it, we were shooting photos through the tinted heart-shaped frames of my sunglasses. It was like an automatic vintage-feel wash on the photo which I really love, and will definitely be trying out again sometime soon.

These sandals were perfect for a casual day out and I’ve been really into these loose, camisole like dresses for Summer lately – they’re so light and floaty and easy to wear. The spontaneous clashing of prints with this vintage leopard print blouse made for a very crazy colourful look, just like the colourful beach boxes which lined the beach behind us :-)

In other news, Tom & I will be heading to Europe for a month this January! There’s just so much to plan at the moment and we’d love to hear if you have any suggestions on affordable places to stay, as well as cute and quaint eateries and places to visit/shop/shoot at in London, Belgium, Paris/France, Switzerland, Vienna/Austria (or Stockholm/Sweden?!), Venice/Rome/Italy. We would really appreciate it!