Wearing: Vintage boater hat, Ci Ci floral shirt, Romersk lace shorts, Topshop lace socks, River Island flatform lace-up sneakers.

It’s a been a busy busy week on my side lately! I’m currently sitting in a university library attempting to tackle a morning-to-night study session, cramming for a marketing exam tomorrow and attempting to understand judicial review for the following week. The staff at the local deli are probably used to my potato salad and greek salad purchases every single day and I will always ask the lady at the sushi bar for the same three rolls. I really cannot be more creative in what I am eating when it comes to exam time and luckily my go-to choices are hard to get sick of, or at least for me.

This outfit was an unexpected mash up. It consists of a vintage boater hat which I bought almost three years ago, a shirt I picked up at the Topshop concessions department @ Oxford St, London, some delicate lace shorties which are supposed to be pyjama shorts (shh!!) and yes, they are flatforms. Impulse buy from earlier on in the year…but they’re just so comfy!

Now I can’t stay too long as I must get back to what I am doing. However, I can’t wait until next Thursday, which is the day I finish my exams. Thank you to everyone who has wished me luck on my exams. There are a lot of exciting things planned after, many of them to do with my blog and etsy. I can’t wait to tell you soon!

With love,