Wearing: K is for Kani handmade flower crown headband, Three Floor star catcher dress, vintage & handmade bracelets/rings, vintage sling bag, Melissa shoes

And the collaboration I have been keeping quiet for many months, has finally been revealed! Peppermint Magazine’s sweet sixteen Summer issue is out tomorrow and I am over the moon and still pinching myself to announce that I am the cover girl for the issue! Over the past few months since Peppermint got in touch with me, I have only told my family and boyfriend of the news, as I was still in disbelief and didn’t want to believe it until I saw it myself. A couple of days ago I checked the mail box and to my surprise, the latest issue of Peppermint magazine was sent to me, and there I was, smiling back at me!

If you haven’t heard of this fabulous independent magazine focusing on sustainability with style, then that would be strange and you should definitely pick one up next time you drop by Magnation or the newsagents! :-) We shot this cover in a studio off Chapel St, with 16 pastel coloured helium balloons to celebrate Peppermint’s sweet 16th issue! I brought along a box of my flower crowns to use for the shoot as well, and am so happy to see this lilac floral headpiece make the cover as it really adds that personal touch to the look, as well as a fun pop of colour. Slight mistakes of having a hair cut a little shorter than usual the day before were counter-fixed by the lovely hair and make up done by Bernice Mansfield, photography by Karla Majnaric + creative direction by Julia-Louise Premoselli.

There is also a six page editorial spread and article on K is for Kani inside, where I share my ideas on styling basics that you will get tonnes of wear out of, using a few of my favourite vintage finds in my wardrobe, flower crowns and other beauties. Aside from that, you will also find pieces on cute and tiny portable houses, a summer sewing project, DIY craft and other reading ‘entertainmint’ in true Peppermint style! It is such an honour to front the magazine as a fashion blogger, it really makes me feel happy about what I do and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all.

All my love to Editor & Deputy Editor Kelley & Tess for having me as the sweet 16th cover girl and to my lovely readers, if you’d like to see more, do pop by your local newsagent, Peppermint loving boutique or Magnation (in stores and online) and grab yourself a copy, coming in stores, from tomorrow :-) Do hashtag #kisforkani on Instagram if you happen to post about it, for I would love to see! Now I just can’t wait to visit my local postal outlet/newsagency tomorrow when doing my daily Etsy postage run, where the lovely ladies there normally let me know when the new issues of mags I like come in stock and see the confusion on their faces..! And now, to buy myself ten more copies of the issue so I can surprise my family and friends! It’s going to be a very sweet Summer in my books :’)