Wearing: Three Floor dress, vintage black clutch, ASOS jewel and flower drop earrings and ASOS ‘Prissy’ wedges {Photos: Rowena}

I’ve been looking for somewhere to wear and shoot this dress for a while now but hadn’t quite found the perfect place until I took an impulsive drive to Abbotsford Convent yesterday. The Convent is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time. I was also secretly scared about having to reverse park on cramped small streets as well.. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we arrived as I had only read about the Convent’s history but not about what it is now. However, when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised with just how photogenic the location was! The architecture of the 19th century buildings was beautiful and as we wandered around towards the back of the Convent, we unsuspectingly discovered this wonderful blossom tree at full bloom. Next thing we knew, we were shooting this dress by Three Floor, a UK brand designed by Han Chong that I am extremely fond of ever since discovering them on a late night online shopping spree a few months after they launched :’-) It’s such a perfect dress with the right amount of peplum and a cool mixture of fabrics. Shooting it soon made me forget the trauma we had to encounter earlier when I realised I had not enough coins to get through the car park boom gate and had to reverse out and then of course, do a reverse park on the street!

PS Just updated my wardrobe shop, clearing out a few things before Europe :’-)