wearing: ASOS jewel jumper, pephem skirt & green suede heels

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers from around the world! Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful day of happiness and joyful laughter with family and friends. I spent mine not with snow, but with sunshine in Melbourne with my boyfriend, family and too much to eat. Just a small gathering as we don’t have family in Australia but a good one nevertheless. Plus I finally found an occasion to wear this crazy jewel jumper I had bought a few months ago! Yesterday, Tom surprised me with a trip to Sydney to celebrate our four year anniversary which coincides with NYE :’-) and immediately after that we will be returning home and hopping on another flight to London on new year’s day. It looks like I’ve now got double the packing to do and half the time I previously thought I had to do it so it will be a very crazy four days to come. I can’t wait to blog from abroad! But for now, I am definitely not going anywhere near a shopping centre and am going to quickly shoot my last batch of new Etsy designs, make a few Eurail train reservations and get back to packing :-)