Wearing: handmade red rose crown, Topshop deer print bomber jacket, Goldie sheer cropped shirt, vintage sweater guard, Topshop red pleated skirt & Jeffrey Campbell cut out heel shoes

It’s that time of the year when long grass fields overflow at the local gardens, the sun is blazing hot and unforgiving & the days grow long. Whilst living in the reality that is Summer, I’ve been spending a lot of time planning my trip to Europe, flipping through images of the snowy Mt Pilatus and buying the perfect Winter coat that will take me through a real Winter, as opposed to an Australian Winter. In a way, this wintery research keeps my mind in a state of cool. For some reason, the 37 degree day yesterday did not feel as hot as it should have felt and maybe, perhaps, it was because I spent the majority of the day checking out Winter activities in Paris..

I’ve had these Jeffrey Campbell shoes in my wardrobe for almost a year now. They’ve been buried behind all my other shoes and I soon forgot about them. Luckily I remembered them today as they were the perfect shoe for my lilac and red combination! And speaking of this light pastel purple and bright red combo, I am very surprised to find how well pastel colours mix with vibrant ones, when you pair the right colours together. The deer print jacket is also a piece I’ve had for a while – except I have been getting a lot of wear out of this one, just not on my blog. I just love the quirky print of it and was so close to getting the matching deer print skater skirt as well. Then I counted the deers on this jacket and decided I had enough. Just in case you wanted to know, there were 50 and more…oh deer! :-)