Wearing: Bardot beanie, Topshop green jumper, Zara silk shirt, ASOS green skirt, Primark black tights/socks, Park Lane black buckle boots

Hello from somewhere between the French and Swiss border! I’m writing this post from the high speed train we are taking to get from Paris to Lucerne. And can I just say, the view is breathtaking! I’ve never really seen it snow before and right now I am being spoiled with the view. Everything is covered with a layer of snow, masking the landscape in a crisp romantic white. The scenery is stunning though I’m sure the locals might find scraping it off their cars every morning a tad annoying. Anyway it was certainly not this cold in London when I wore this green on green look. In fact it was a very mild 12-14 degrees every day we were there. It seems as if I’ve got some sort of an obsession with green because since arriving with my green skirt, I have not only acquired this green jumper, but also a green coat, green wool tights, green scarf and green jeans. I’m not sure if that was such a great idea as it seems as if my entire travelling wardrobe is now green so fingers crossed I don’t end up looking like  a little elf in posts to come!