Hello from Lucerne! I’ve decided to give the Paris travel diary a skip and save that for later (a few London posts left though!) – making way for some current photos from snowy Lucerne. Tom & I just arrived a couple of days ago and for a small town of just over 75,000 residents, it is pretty amazing. Lucerne, is a natural beauty. From our balcony, we can see the Swiss Alps. Mt Pilatus is literally five bus stops away. When we first arrived yesterday we were greeted by snow. I love snow. When we wake up every morning, it is snowing. Our front garden is covered with a layer of beautiful white every day and to my unexpected surprise (for some reason), it is just so soft to step in snow – like fairy floss. I just love it here and the locals have been so friendly to us! I mean, someone stopped their car on the middle of the road just so we could take a photo from the other side of the road.. Did I mention it is the first time I’ve been somewhere that snows?