Hello from London! It has been less than 48 hours since Tom & I landed here and I have been so excited ever since. We were lucky to have been flying business class thanks to an out of the blue upgrade by Qatar Airlines, which made the 23 hour journey across the world so much more bearable. The seats in business class could literally be flattened into a bed and meals were served as if you were fine dining in a restaurant! It’s crazy to think this sort of luxury is available when flying! And London? It has been amazing so far. I just love how beautiful and historical the city looks, with its Victorian style architecture, cute cafes, bright red buses and telephone boxes, flower pots on balconies and little lanes – I’m so happy to be back. The shopping is also magnificent and I happened to pick up a couple of things for my trip including an Emma Cook for Topshop jumper I’ve been eyeing since I was in Melbourne, a pair of leather buckle boots and some thermals which I happen to have no use for right now as it is much warmer than I had expected. I also bought the Urban Decay Naked palette, which is sadly not available in Australia. Everything about London is lovely. Except there is one thing that I completely did not expect and is totally unacceptable.. It gets dark at 4PM in Winter here. And when I say dark, I literally mean a pitch black sort of dark. See the photo above of Oxford St in darkness? That was probably taken around 4:30PM.. Thankfully the streets were still glittering with Christmas lights making it somewhat bearable to wander around, but not really. Crazy right?