Wearing: Three Floor ‘starcatcher‘ dress & vintage sandals

Happy new year! Tom & I have just touched down from Sydney today after an amazing two nights to celebrate our four year anniversary. I actually had no idea what we were doing for the entire trip. All I knew was that we’d be seeing the Sydney NYE fireworks, something we’ve both wanted to see on our previous anniversaries. We had a wonderful couple of days in Sydney where we stayed at the beautiful Grace Hotel, dined at our favourite Japanese restaurant Masuya, bought impulsive scratchies to try our luck and more. I’ve only got a few hours at home in Melbourne before we head back to the airport again to catch our flight to London so I just wanted to quickly share with you some photos from the highlight of our trip – Midnight at the Oasis.

It turned out that Tom got us both tickets to this lovely event at Mrs Macquarie Point by the harbour, where we had a delicious three course meal overlooking the sunset and watched the fireworks from a spectacular viewing point. It was like a massive party by the gardens, with red carpet rolling out from the entrance, fairy lights hanging from the trees. live entertainment, a dance floor and a very romantic atmosphere. I tried to capture a few photos of the event and fireworks for you all but in the end I was too preoccupied with the moment to take many photos. And when that happens, you know you’re having a wonderful time :’-)