Wearing: Bardot mustard beanie, Sessun Julie & Candy red parka, H&M green scarf, Zara corduroy jeans & Topshop black boots 

The most obvious thing to do when it is snowing outside is.. to build a snowman! There’s a park immediately next to our apartment which is completely covered with snow. In fact I’ve got no idea whether it is a park or not. It’s simply an empty expanse of land and who knows if there is grass (or gravel) underneath?! With so much snow on the ground, we couldn’t help but get on our knees like little kids and build ourselves a snowman. His name is Snowy & we were definitely feeling super creative at the time. It’s funny how the consistency of snow is. It’s very, very soft – like fairy floss or flour. To get this little guy into shape involved a lot of hand pressure to ensure he wouldn’t fall apart :)