Wearing: Tom’s beanie, Sessun Julie & Candy coat, Primark mittens, ASOS cord leggings & Topshop lace up boots

 As promised, the second half of my Mt Pilatus photo diary! On the day we were there, it was forecasted to be somewhere around -10 degrees and well, words cannot explain just how cold that was. Being an Australian, we never ever extremely any temperature below 0, so this was an whole new low for me. I decided to wear the warmest pieces I had brought with me – Tom’s koala beanie (taking note of the fact that there were ear flaps), my Sessun coat which doesn’t let anything in, thermal pants under my leggings, two pairs of socks. a very warm scarf and shoes. And you know what? That was not enough. Although the clothes were enough, our shoes weren’t exactly snow shoes and walking in the snow for more than 30 seconds caused our feet to go numb so we literally spent our time up there in a 1:3 ratio (1 minute outdoors, 3 indoors). Who knew your face could feel numb in the cold as well!? My lips were numb so certain consonants never came out right. Icicles formed everywhere that allowed. But the view was worth it. It was a little foggy (actually very foggy) on the day we went so when we took the aerial cableway to the top of the mountain, all we could see was whiteness. As well as a Calvin Klein conference which just happened to be hosted this far above ground on the same day we were there. The whole experience reaching the top was exhilarating. We went through a cloud which felt as if was a transitional stage from the land to the heavens!